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The Nassau Property Tax Grievance Deadline Has Been Extended Until April 2, 2018!

TAX CRUSHERS has helped thousands of homeowners save millions of dollars on their property taxes. Our only business is property tax reduction. Our clients tell us that we get reductions that other companies can’t!

Fill out a simple application form or contact us and we’ll start working on the tax reduction you deserve!

  • No Fees unless we win a reduction for you

  • No risk of your taxes going up because you filed.

  • No home inspections

  • No work for you–we do it all


Countdown to the 2018 Nassau Property Tax Grievance Deadline








Top 5 Reasons to Apply NOW with TAX CRUSHERS


  • We are specialists in property tax assessment corrections. Reducing property taxes is all we do …all day…every day.

  • We have the industry expertise, local market knowledge and full understanding of the relevant property tax regulations in the markets we serve.

  • We use the latest market data and our own proprietary software to evaluate assessments and provide the type of detailed documentation that is critical to a successful tax grievance in this rapidly changing market.


  • We’ve secured millions of dollars in reductions for homeowners throughout New York State; from RYE to Riverhead!


  • Thousands of satisfied customers and millions of dollars in reductions attest to our expertise, professionalism and successful track record.


  • Our outstanding group of customer service representatives understand that the tax grievance process can be a long and confusing, but a much worthwhile process – sometimes taking up to 2 years to resolve. They are extremely patient and knowledgeable and are here to help you understand this complicated process. Believe us when we say there are no “stupid” questions in a system as complicated and convoluted as the “property taxing/assessing system”. Our customer service representative are here to help – pick their brains – if they don’t know the answer, they will get you someone who does! Call us today and you will clearly see that our customer service is unsurpassed.

 NO RISK! No Reduction = No Fee!

  • It’s important to remember that we are paid only when we save our clients’ money. If our efforts don’t result in a property tax reduction for you, there is absolutely no fee to you. That’s what we call no risk!