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Craig Silverman

For a quarter century, Craig Silverman has been a licensed professional in the financial planning industry helping his clients meet their personal, retirement and business goals.  Increasingly the issue of higher and higher property taxes became a topic of conversation as well as frustration for his clients.    In an attempt to help his clients navigate through the complex process of lowering their property taxes, Craig developed an expertise in successfully lowering his clients’ taxes and eventually launched Tax Crushers.

Tax Crushers provides property tax grievance assistance to all residents of Nassau, Suffolk, Yonkers, Westchester, Putnam and Rockland Counties.  Starting with just a few clients, Tax Crushers now boasts  thousands and thousands of clients who are now benefitting from Craig’s expertise and are enjoying much lower property tax bills. This is all due to Craig’s negotiation skills and the relationships he has established over the years with the tax assessors in those counties.

Excessive property taxes are a real problem for all homeowners. Increases seem to be a given year after year with no relief in sight.  His success is directly attributable to a continuously vigilant approach to valuing properties, state-of-the-art software for analysis, and his relentless pursuit of fairness for homeowners. As a proven professional who understands how property taxes are calculated, along with knowledge of the burden of proof required to get them lowered, his firm has grown significantly year after year.

As a skilled negotiator, Craig has received a Certificate of Executive Negotiations from the Wharton School of Business and was featured in several case study publications. He has developed sound strategies that address the variety of negotiation styles which he faces on a daily basis and has mastered each municipality’s unique way of negotiating valuations and settlements. His understanding of the differences in their negotiating styles and their respect of Craig’s level of expertise in the field makes him one of the best!

Through his firm Tax Crushers and his financial services practice, Craig strives to offer support and assistance to all his clients’ financial needs and concerns.

“Craig Silverman is a great negotiator because he knows how to put together great deals, understanding it’s not about beating them but making sure it’s fair, long-lasting and meets the needs of all parties, especially his clients.

Stuart Diamond

Wharton professor and author of Getting More: How to Negotiate To Meet Your Goals in Work and Life.