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Nassau Terms


1- Eligibility: 1. A person named in the records of the Nassau County Clerk as a homeowner; or 2. That persons authorized agent; or 3. A person who has contracted to buy a home; or 4. The estate of a deceased homeowner, is eligible under law to receive a tax assessment reduction and a property tax refund. If you are not in any of these categories you will not be able to receive a property tax refund and you should not sign this agreement. If you are in one of these categories you may sign this agreement.

2-Service to be performed:
Note that you are not required by law to use a tax reduction service in order to file for and/or receive a tax assessment reduction. By signing this agreement, however, you are directing Tax Crushers (not affiliated with any municipality) to prepare and file your First Level Complaint for review by the Assessment Review Commission, and to represent you at any Appeal proceeding which includes the preparation and filing of the Appeal Petition and to physically appear on your behalf at your Appeal Hearing with the Court appointed hearing Officer and the Assessor’s representative.

3- Notification of Tax Reduction:
Tax Crushers is required by law to make reasonable efforts to communicate the terms of any settlement offer made in the course of a tax assessment review proceeding, other than a hearing or trial, although I hereby give Tax Crushers full authority to settle my case and negotiate any municipality refund checks obtained and deduct its fees therefrom.

4-Fee for Service:
I have engaged Tax Crushers 1 Dupont Street, Suite 101, Planview, NY 11803 as sole and exclusive agent, to obtain a reduction of the assessed value of my property. I agree to pay them a DISCOUNTED FEE equal to 40% of the reduction prior to exemptions for my 2026/2027 property taxes. The discounted fee will apply if I pay within 30 days of the postmark on the envelope that contained the invoice and a copy of the official decision, reporting the reduction of my property’s assessed value. I agree to pay such fee in the event I sell or move out of the subject property. If the assessment is reduced the actual tax savings = the reduced assessment multiplied by the tax rate prior to exemptions. The full undiscounted fee of 50% of the 2026/2027 property tax reduction will be due if full payment is not made or a written agreement from the Tax Crushers for a payment schedule is not obtained within 30 days of postmark. If filing a SCAR appeal becomes necessary I agree to pay the courts $30 court filing fee. In the case of a duplicate filing, I agree to pay Tax Crushers a $250 fee for their services. If I default on said payment, I agree to pay a $50 late fee plus 1.5% interest per month after 30 days. If collection process is needed, an additional fee of 20% will apply on any outstanding balance along with reasonable attorney fees. I agree that Tax Crushers may bring suit against me in the courts located in NASSAU COUNTY. NASSAU courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction of any dispute / action relating to this agreement; and any service of any post judgment notice or demand upon me by mail at the address listed on this agreement shall be sufficient service and notice thereof. There are no other fees or charges. At anytime, within three (3) days after entering into this contract, I have the complete right to cancel this agreement by written notice to Tax Crushers.

The undersigned, CERTIFIES that they are an aggrieved party within the meaning of the Real Property Tax Law and hereby authorizes the below representative to act as our agent to file with the Nassau County Assessment Review Commission and or the Small Claims Assessment Review of the city/town/village/county of Nassau.

Tax Roll: 25/26                 Representative Name:              Tax Crushers Rep #: 735